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"The" Car Shipping Experience

>Carl DeSouza asked for advice on shipping a car from CO to CA.  My advice is
>buy a plane ticket and drive it back.

Fully agree.  Two years ago I flew to Denver/Boulder area with a one way
ticket and picked up the best one way return ticket in my life.  A new to
me, 1983 Mars Red Ur-q. Drove straight through on Hwy 80. I left at 8:30 am
on a Sat. morning and screamed home to Lake Tahoe in a blistering 19hrs and
40 min. on Sun early at 4:30 am. Very Cool.  I had it going for an hour +
at more than the officers would have liked through the NV area. About 5200
rpms...  Loved it.
That trip will be burned into my brain forever.