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Re[2]: 4k subframe bushings ready soon

     Mike, I know what you mean about "the daily driver"
     I however am putting them on my daily driver, and for what it's worth, 
     here's why.
     My humble opinion is that the subframe should be locked down TIGHT as 
     possible. Bushing or no bushing, that subframe mounts pretty much 
     flush to the chassis and the bushing is there to absorb lateral 
     motion. So, let's stop the lateral motion. Yes, I'm sure it will 
     transmit more vibration into the car, but personally, that's a 
     sacrifice I'll live with knowing that the frames aren't squirming 
     around through the corners. I also like the idea of doing this swap 
     I'll let you know when we have an exact date and price. 
     Todd Candey.

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Subject: Re: 4k subframe bushings ready soon
Author:  "Mike Hopton" <mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca> at Internet
Date:    4/12/96 03:04 PM

     I have been in contact with Eric directly on the availability of delrin 
     sub-frame bushings. Still not convinced this is the way to go for the daily
     driver rebuild I am working on. Anyway I'll be speaking with a mechanic 
     friend next week and let you know. Incidentally the OEM mounts are $41 and 
     $60 Canadian, 4 of each required (I think).
     I am still interested in the delrin mounts and would need all 8.
     Regards, Mike