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Questionable service resolved!

First off, Thanx to ALL who gave me advise, much appreciated!

Recap: The warranty co. was to pay for everything but a $35 deduct. The dealer
had "added on" some extra charges for me to pay.  
 I walk into the service reps. office, ready for a very heated discussion.
Before I could even question him, he says, "oh, we decided to take off the
extra charges." WOW, that was too easy. I didn't even get a chance to yell at
anyone! Makes you kinda wonder; if these extra charges where really
ligitamate, then why did he remove them so easily? Hmmmmm....I guesse a lot of
people just go along with what they're told and pay it. To bad....
So, everything worked out just fine.

Have a great weekend!
90 FZR1000

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