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89 100, Loss of Power, Error Codes

From:	dpowell, 73142,422
TO:	INTERNET:owner-quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net,
DATE:	4/11/96 5:54 PM

RE:	89 100 Loss of Power, Error Codes

I have a 1989 100 with about 77,000 miles.
A few days ago during a hell of a rain storm it lost power in a big way.  It
would idle fine but
when I pressed the accelerator it died.  It would attempt to accelerate and then
bog down in
cycles.  I shut it down for about 15 minutes and suddenly it was fine ...for
about 10 minutes,
then it died again.  It was as good under load as it was in park.  I shut it
down again and
again for the entire trip home. 
The next morning it took me the whole way to work before shutting completly down
on the 
ramp in the parking garage.  I just restarted it though and it was fine.  This
kind of stuff
makes you think twice before getting out onto the DC Belt way in the morning.
I got curious so I pulled out my bently manuals,  built a gizmo and checked out
error codes.  I have several.

note: My engine is series NF
1111	Control Unit Defective
2142	Knock I
2121	Idle Switch
2232	Air Flow Sensor
0000	end codes

So, I could check out all of these codes individually but I'm hopeing one of you
can apply some
fuzzy logic to this issue.  

I read in the manual 
"if fault code 2121, 2123, 2223 are indicated ALONG with the fault code for a
control unit;
first check the wiring between that control unit and the fault coded component
for disconnection"
I haven't done this yet.  Like I said I'm hoping for some expertise.

By the way.  I still have all these codes.  They won't go away. The car has run
fine now for almost two
weeks.  Now I'd just like to get rid of the codes.

Sorry so long.


P.S. Even longer, Just before I sent this mail I rechecked the codes.  Now my
tester is flashing constantly.