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Re: Questionable service

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

> At 02:36 PM 4/11/96 PST8, Jef Johnstone wrote:
> >varies from job to job. Thats why he never mentioned it.) and, he said they
> >added/changed the trany fluid (to synthetic), which I NEVER authorized. The
> >service rep had only SUGGESTED I switch to a synthetic. (I really do not think
> >they changed the fluid at all since it doesn't shift any different.)
> SCREAM BLOODY MURDER.   Since the late-mid '80s, all quattros were supposed
> to come from the factory with synthetic.

i just remembered one thing.  the differential oil was not synthetic,
at least not in my '90 v8.  i had that changed to synthetic a while
ago even though my dealer (univ) assured me that i didn't have to do
it.  more reason for me not to ever step foot in barrier.

are you sure they changed the tranny fluid and not the diff oil?