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Re: Stiffy

In a message dated 96-04-10 21:22:24 EDT, eliot@u.washington.edu (Eliot Lim)

> the original aero-5000 (what is
>the internal name?  b3? b4?) 

The aero 5000 is referred to as the C3 generation of the mid-size Audi.  The
current A6, despite being a facelifted version of the 100, which followed the
C3, is called the C4.  It gets pretty confusing since the C-Class went
through so many names in the U.S.  Some of the name changes occurred during a
single generation (5000 >> 100, while it was still called a C3; 100 >> A6
while it was a C4).

The current A4 is a B5 internally.

To make it confusing, the new small Audi will be named A3 for the public, but
is based on the VW corporate A4 structure.  But don't confuse the
A4-structured A3 with the A4 (B5) car.

Within the VW Group there are a number of other subdivisions:
A00 = Seat Marbella, possible future small city cars
A0 = Polo class, includes Seat Ibezia and Cordoba (believe it or not)
A = Golf, Jetta (Vento in EU) Concept 1, Skoda Favorit, Audi A3 and TT, Seat
B = Audi A4, Cabriolet, VW Passat, future Skoda
C = Audi A6
D = Audi A8
T = Transporter - VW Eurovan