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Re: V8Q: Replacing Drive Belt

Vikram Kumar writes:

>Since the V8Q has only one Serpentine Drive Belt, I called up my local =
>Audi dealership and they quoted me $150+tax for parts & labor. I then =
>called a local Imports Parts store and was quoted $75 for the drive =
>belt. I then decided to call Pep Boys and guess what ? They sold the =
>1990 V8Q drive belt for $16.75. Total damage after replacing the belt =
>was $44.00 (including labor). What a deal!! Belt has lifetime warranty =
>w/ labor good for 90 days.

>        They did however, write the bill up for $70 even though I was quoted =
>$44 the day before. It is apparently normal for them to overcharge even =
>though I asked them to proceed with the replacement AFTER I told them =
>the quoted amount. This has happened on numerous occasions. No sooner =
>did I mention that the bill was incorrect, he re-keyed the invoice and =
>adjusted it back to the correct amount. They do good work, but make sure =
>you don't get taken for a ride !!

Who is the dealer that did this for $70?  A friend of mine called Carousel Audi
here in MN and the quote was $600.  He just got his 90 V8 and wants to get the 
belt changed.  (He will soon be on the list because he just got a new computer)
He would be happy with $300.

I talked to Anderson Bros. and they can't get the tool required to change it
(thanks AoA).  I am trying to get my hands on one to take measurements so I can
have my neighbor make one.

If the belt breaks does that lifetime warranty cover 8 pistons, 32 valves and
lots of
labor or just the $16.75?  My guess is the latter.


Robert Bauer
'88 80q