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Re: Stopping RS2 wanna b's

In a message dated 96-04-09 08:53:39 EDT, you write:

>So what's the deal here? How 'bout some details on theory and practice on
>why these RS2 brakes are not a sensible upgrade path (besides co$t),
>something a little more substantial than BTDT, NJTH, etc, etc.....

The 4 pux will dig into the rotor unevenly, and tho has a large swept area
compared to the audi, look around at REAL high performance cars, why would
they only use 2 pux glen?  Even with 6 piston calipers..... Hmmmm some food
for thought....  And you want to what?  slot them, drill them.....  Hmmm
another set of problems....