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<87 5KCSTQ> Cooling (too long)

Many (several? few? Dave in Canada?) have followed my trials and
tribulations on my beloved (remember that, Audi gods!) turbo quattro. So far
in the cooling system I have replaced the radiator with an all metal CFS
model (160.00), upper radiator hose (50.00), lower radiator hose (8.00 -
thanks for the Napa tip!). 
My after run cooling thermoswitch still needs replacement (anyone have the
pn? - its a two blade type, not the plug in connection, goes at 87 degrees
Centigrade, and I think the last three digits are 369C).

I broke the nose off the electric water pump in a three day fiasco effort to
replace the PS hose from the hyd pump to the rack. Tried gluing it back on -
nothing seemed to be able to touch that plastic. Found a bad pump in a yard,
took the whole volute off to put on mine - more surface area = better chance
for the glue to hold. Tried: Superglue, epoxie, JB weld, Loctite Stick and
Seal with no results beyond severe cursing, moaning, wailing, gnashing of
teeth, etc...  Yesterday got the bright idea of PVC cement - hey - solvent
welding! Cleaned it up with the approved cleaner (acetone) - and put it
together. The Audi gods laughed with mirth - what fools these mortals be!
Of course, it didn't touch it. Just what the hell is this plastic made out of?
My neighbor wandered over smelling of vodka whilst I was putting the front
end back together (next story) - while we were swapping Audi and 944
stories, he mentions this stuff he has that is Marine grade adhesive. At
this point I'm desperate - he gives me a big shot feeder of GOOP Marine
grade adhesive and sealant. So far its holding! 24 hour cure, so I have to
wait at least 'till tonight - my fingers are crossed and I'm going to the
junkyard for Mike Aiello today, so maybe the gods will give me a break...

I've complained about my fan seeming to be stuck on high speed. Only works
when A/C is in AUTO unless the temp's way the heck up there, etc. One of the
members suggested checking the fan resistor plate, gave me the part numbers,
said buy the gold one, etc. I couldn't find a gold one, but I found a blue
one in the junk yard (same as mine) - wasn't sure it it was good (those
resistance values are way low! - like .8 ohms...) So I try to replace this
thing yesterday and immediately found that the Euro light blocks access - so
now I have to pull the front end off... Get the old one out to find that
some previous owner (I've cursed them all) had the thing go bad on him and
his fix was to cross wire it to high speed. Got the new one in - didn't have
the Bentley in front of me, did a 50/50/90 (give a Nuke a 50/50 chance and
90% of the time he's wrong) - and hit the 10%! (checked it afterward with
the Bentley). So now it appears I have a three speed system again. Next is
part three - arguing with the after run cooling system - a continuing series...
********************************AUDI FAN******************************
EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and not counting (damned VDO odometers)...
1.9 bar boost (charlie spring, no shim) - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches!
Maitland FL