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Re: bleeding the hydrauli

 Frank J. Bauer,fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com  writes:     
 Fj> has anyone had experience bleeding the clutch cylinders?              
 Fj> i replaced mine <10K ago and recently the pedal started going down.   
                    <<Deletia of double spaced low pedal woes>>

    When I replaced the slave cylinder on a '84 5KS I had similar
    problems, there was air in the system somewhere, and I 
    couldn't get at it no matter how well I bled the system.

    What I ended up doing was getting a large brake reservoir
    off a boneyard GM car, and an Audi reservoir cap.  I drilled
    out the top of the cap, and epoxyed it to the GM reservoir.
    So, where the GM reservoir used to slip into the GM master
    cylinder I had the Audi master cylinder reservoir cap.

    I screwed the "additional capacity temporary bleeding Audi
    apparatus"tm.  to the top of the reservoir and filled it.
    Put a drip pan under the car, cracked the clutch cylinders
    just "enough" and let it drip for a day, occasionally 
    checking the level. 

    To my amazement it worked. Never had a problem with air 
    in the line again.

    I got this idea from a mechanic friend who said there were
    certain vintage English cars whose brake systems could
    only be bled in this manner. 


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