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Re: beware v8 hydro-lock

> this can also happen if you do too many cold starts with an engine that
> never has a chance to get warm.  each time you initiate a start on a cold
> engine, the motronic system will dump a s***load of raw fuel in there.  if
> your engine never gets a chance to warm up that raw fuel never gets
> completely burnt away.  and if you repeat this enough you will end up with
> hydro-lock.

Hmmm ... using nice round numbers, let's assume that each cylinder displaces
500cc and has a 10:1 compression ratio.  In order to hydro-lock a motor, you
would have to dump at least 50cc of fuel into a cylinder, which seems like a
LOT even under maximum enrichment cold-start conditions.

> milder symptoms are a terrible stutter where not all cylinders are firing
> upon subsequent start ups.

This can (and does) happen with a lot less than 50cc of fuel ... just having
slightly leaky injectors can cause this.

> moral of the story:  do not cold start the v8 without driving it for at
> least half a mile before killing/restarting.  pulling it out of the garage
> for a wash and then pulling it back in is a big no-no.  push it if you
> have to!

After washing the engine, I've sometimes had to push it back INTO the garage
because it won't start but otherwise this sounds like overkill to me...

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