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Re: a few odds and ends... some electrons for thought

> i was also told that for $850 you could purchase a *factory* 7yr/100K
> warranty for new VWs.  this is bumper-to-bumper as far as i can tell.
> not only does audi warranty run out at 50K vs VW's standard 10yr/100K
> powertrain, they do not even have a factory extended warranty
> available for extra money.  grrrrrr.  when the passat/a6 twins come
> out who on earth would want the a6 when all the good bits could
> be gotten on the passat for less money and better protection?

Recently as VAG announces more and more platform-sharing between Audi and 
VW, I am beginning to wonder if anyone is still seriously interested in 
"Audi" models if same thing can be had under VW. Since it seems like VAG 
is truely going to do whatever it said, the A8 seems to be the only model 
that is truely unique to and available only from Audi.

This is like Detroit scheme -- make lotsa cars and badge them different 
("Yeah? We love stinkin' badges so much that we also rebadge them."). If 
this is done in the future, I think most new buyers will sway toward VW 
name of the car. Car rags will probably say "why bother with Audi when 
you can get [probably] cheaper price on the exact outfit under VW."

Me thinks this is a bad decision by Audi with current market (although 
it seems to be improving -- but so are a lot of other mfrs), unless Audi 
has backup plan to pull out from U.S. market...

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