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Fwd: if 44 C3's pass you.....

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Subj:    if 44 C3's pass you..... 
Date:    96-04-14 10:35:18 EDT
From:    PDQSHIP
To:      ScharfR

In a message dated 96-04-14 01:06:08 EDT, you write:

>You will see the type classes in the parts fiche and other such places, but
>in the common parlance within Audi the letter classes are used, not the body
>Standing by for your comments.

Well, a good post, and mostly accurate, tho C3 might not be the best
audiphile designation ....   The C3 refers to the body type, as does the 44,
Dealers, I know refer to the C3 type, as do the body and chop shop guys....
 However, what is significant to the audiphiles is not so much the 44
designation as the number in the VIN that follows:  443 = 5kS sedan  445 =
5ks avant  447 = 5kturbo and CS quattro.....  you are right in that the
numbering system is used more internally for parts than chassis (turbo line
uses common parts q/non q)....  So, the C3 is correct, as is the 44, me I
take the whole VIN with me for parts chasing, audi does that running change
thing that constantly makes me wish for a C4.....