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Re: beware v8 hydro-lock

 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com writes:

 Au> After washing the engine, I've sometimes had to push it back INTO the
 Au> garage because it won't start but otherwise this sounds like overkill
 Au> to me... 

     On a similar note, I got a phone call from an associate of
     mine who was about to purchase a V8Q in the Houston area
     on Friday. Knowing I owned one, he wanted to know if 
     the sluggishness on acceleration was normal for this car.
     (I suspected the $10,900 asking price for an immaculatly
     maintained car had some "gotcha" besides the UFO brakes.)  
     Dealer told him that it was probably just a bad oxy. sensor, 
     but when he inspected the trunk...there was a freshly changed 
     one in there.

     Being that I'm 1700+ miles away, I told him to bite the
     bullet and have the Audi dealer inspect the car. $75 and
     thirty minutes later the dealer informed him that when
     the used car dealer had the engine steam cleaned, they had
     blown the "chip", maybe the whole 'puter. Estimate to 
     fix would be between $500 and $2500 depending on results of
     further diagnostics. That was an EXPEN$IVE douching of the 

     If anyone in Houston area is interested, I'll find out
     where the car is exactly, so you'll know what's up when 
     the used car dealer tells you about the oxy sensor problem....

     Also, he told me there was a pile of repair orders in the
     car, all from the dealer, but with the parts supplied 
     by the previous owner. He had purchased almost everything
     from an outfit called "German parts and restorations" in 
     San Louis Obispo, California. Prices seemed really good
     for the stuff he related to me. Anyone ever done business
     with them??


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