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Re: Fwd: Porsche/V8

Jeremy R King wrote:
> Ouch.  I pity the wrath you're about to feel from the Audi gods.  Why not
> just get a REAL V8 (right eliot)?!!!
> As far as trannys go, most audi trannys aren't even interchangeable with
> other audi trannys.  Some of the P-cars use the same trannys as some of
> the Audi's.  But I'm quite sure the 911's don't.  Especially seeing as how
> they're rear engine, rear-wheel-drive cars.  If you're really interested
> in a Chebby V8, go get yourself a Camaro and you can be one of those
> goobers the rest of us beat.
> We're still wonderin' what's gotten into Graydon.  I hope he's gonna be
> OK.
> Jeremy R. King
> '86 VW Quantum GL5
> Auburn University, Alabama, USA

But imagine a Porsche 928 V8 (all 326 hp) stuffed into an Audi!  Now 
that might be a nice combination.  And I bet the Audi Gods might even 
forgive one for that!

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320 (coming soon)