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Consensus on driveshaft tool

Thanks much to all who responded to my request for info about the 12 
point, triple square wrench used on the front driveshafts.

The majority opinion was to go to NAPA and spend ~$6.  Well, I did that 
and one better.  

I bought the NAPA tool and promptly snapped it in half removing the 
second bolt.  Since (of course!) it was the only one that they had in 
stock, they refunded my money.

I found another at a local parts store.  It's manufactured by "Lisle" 
and is part no. 60770 and labeled as a "8mm 12 point, triple square, 
internal wrench bit."

The advantage I found to this one is that rather than remaining 1/4" hex 
for the entire length of the tool as the NAPA bit did, it tapers up to 
fit a 1/2" hex socket.  This proved sturdy enough to survive the rest of 
the job and was a lot easier to grasp with one's fingers when the socket 
wrench proved to be too awkward.

Thanks again all!


Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
503-702-5789    --    erickson@teleport.com