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4ktq update.

Well, the insanity started on saturday... We got the engine out of the 
5kt donor car, along with the wiring harness (with surgical precision, I 
might add!) and labeled everything! Not bad for one day. But looking at 
the turbo motor and the  motor in the 4k, we scratched our heads a while. 
We know it will fit.. (if the Urq can do it..!)
Its the computer stuff that scared me. I need the K Lambda, off the 
Turbo, right? The CIS on the 4k wont handle the needs. Which means the 
computer needs to be changed... the 4k uses idle and WOT switches where 
the T uses throttle position sensor etc.... geez.

Also. Remember the $10 turbo I took out of the junkyard off the 5kt? It 
was a K26. Not water cooled. Well, the one in this car is water cooled, 
and it also says K26. What the....

Anyone done this job before? If so, let me know!! OTherwise, Ill keep you 
all posted!


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