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Blower Thingy?

Wanted to know if anyone has any idea about the fan/blower that is 
located over the drivers side engine mount on my '84 5000 turbo. All I 
have is a Hanes Manual that doesn't give any info (must get a Bentley).

I've never seen / heared this little electric motor operate at any time. 
Seems to draw air from around / below the oil pan and blow it around the 
injectors and inlet manifold. Is this supposed to cool the injectors / 
manifold when hot?

Wounder if it could be helping (???) with my Hot start problems?

Another quick question. I obviously haven't heard of the Bentley manual 
before joining this News group. Thanks! But do you need special testing 
equipment to to use it or did I here someone say that you punch in the 
codes through the Climate control panel then watch the tacho for a 

Thanks, Barry
(Still learning!)