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Re: Reverse problems

	Something that my dad and I just figured out after we replaced the 
automatic in my '86 5000CS Turbo with a 5spd, that the mechanic that 
acutally changed the transmissions out, decided to put the 5spd in there 
with some defective and old parts from the other car that the old trannie 
came out of.  The part that I am referring to, which is the same as in 
your '89 I think, is the ball and socket joint that connects to the 
from the linkage to the actually trannie.  If this part and the other two 
ball and socket joints that are right near by, one for one of the rods 
and another for the other plus a adjusting rod that has two joints as 
well, are not in very good solid shape, it will cause weird things to 
happen to your shifter.  Check your manual to see what I am talking 
about.  This might help but maybe not, it's just a thought.