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FWIW on 10vt upgrades

	Called Hoppen's today to see what mods they have for the 10vt and 
	Here is how a part of the conversation went--don't know who I was 
talking to:

	"...what ECU and turbo modifications do you sell--need them for 
an '89.5 200tqw...."

	"...what year?"

	" 89 1/2--the dual knock sensor motor"

	"okay.  891/2 you got the 20 valve motor"


	"...that is the 20 valve motor."

	"Uh, no, I've got the 10 valve turbo motor."

	"Oh, we don't sell modifications for the 10 valve motor."

Hmmmm.  Take it for what it is worth.  Again, this is just the guy that 
answered the phone.  Coulda been cleanin' the place for all I know--but 
it didn't seem that way.