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Re: Blower Thingy?

Brett N Augsburger writes:
> > Wanted to know if anyone has any idea about the fan/blower that is
> > located over the drivers side engine mount on my '84 5000 turbo. All I
> > have is a Hanes Manual that doesn't give any info (must get a Bentley).
> >
> > I've never seen / heared this little electric motor operate at any time.
> > Seems to draw air from around / below the oil pan and blow it around the
> > injectors and inlet manifold. Is this supposed to cool the injectors /
> > manifold when hot?

> Yes, it blows air over the injectors. Should help prevent air in fuel
> lines I guess. Don't know exactly at what times its
> supposed to operate though.

On hot days, I have heard my injector cooling blower run after engine
shut-off (84 5000S Turbo).  Sometimes it would cycle on and off a few
times until the under-hood temperature drops.  There is a thermoswitch
near the injectors that controls the blower, and it appears to run whenever
a set temperature is reached, regardless of ignition switch position.
The blower makes quite a distinct noise when it runs (sort of like a

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