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Re: beware v8 hydro-lock

Hmmm...they must have fixed this by '91....I often would have to be starting
my '91 V8, moving it to a different space on the driveway, stopping,
starting again, etc. and never had any of these problems.........SLM

At 12:02 AM 4/14/96 -0700, you wrote:
>here's a footnote:  on the rare occassions that i have to do two
>successive cold starts the second will invariably be extremely difficult.
>what i have been told is to start with a nearly wide open throttle to get
>air flow into the cylinders.  when it does catch eventually, it is not a
>pretty sight.  lots of black smelly smoke and possibly even oil smoke.
>there's definitely an excess of richness for the second start. i have to
>pump the throttle as though it is a racing car to keep it alive.  only
>cars 20 years or older behave like that.  easily avoided by just driving
>it half a mile like i originally recommended.
>i have also been told that special 2 stroke spark plugs (NGK)  were
>specified shortly after the v8's launch because of this.  also that there
>were lots of early problems with deliveries because the cars would be
>driven short distances (i.e. onto the truck)  and then shut off.  lots of
>v8s delivered (to the dealer, not to owners) with discharged batteries.
>the very expensive spec. NGK plugs don't seem to be terribly effective
>against this.  have other owners tried other types of plugs with good
>results? those platinum plugs i have in the corrado are excellent.

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