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Re: Speedometer & Steering wheel

At 12:15 AM 4/15/96 -0400, you wrote:

>I need to change my speedometer.  I have a used instrument panel i'm
>replacing the old one with.  It is an 85 5ks.  Do i need to remove the
>steering wheel to pull the unit out?  I pulled off the horn cover
>(centerpiece) and saw nothing but possibly a small screw behind the horn
>with a small hole to access it.  The lighting was poor so i don't even
>know if there is a screw there.  Could someone please help me out here?
>I hate trying something without knowing and screwing it up.  Thanks...

Pull the horn pad off (there should be 4 round clip things holding it on - 2
or more will probly break). Unplug the horn wire. The nut holding the wheel
on is 22mm (?) - I use an 8" metric adjustable. The light switch assembly is
next. Put a phillips in the hole underneath at an angle (45 toward center of
car). Back the screw out - it doesnt hafta come all the way out. Grip the
whole assembly and pull it off - unplug both plugs. There will be two screws
up under the panel (top). Pull those out. Then grip the panel and pull it
out and disconnect all the wiring plugs. 

On the back of the panel, remove all the gold phillips screws around the
edge. There should be 4 small screws holding the speedo in. From there on
you are on your own - the tq has an electric speedo, not cable driven.

The instrument panel is locked in place at the bottom by the switch assembly
- thats why the wheel hasta come off.

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