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Re: stripped strut

BTDT.  Uggggghhh!  I feel for you Glen.  Luckily mine was on my parts car
and we weren't interested in the insert.  My dad and I made a "tool" by
grinding off parallel sides of the appropriate size socket so it could be
held with an adjustable wrench while the allen wrench was put into the end
of the socket.  Don't we all wish we had VW/Audi tool # ___!

Anyways, a friend and I were trying to change out my rear struts to the
much-dreaded-by-the-list KYB's I had bought and didn't have anything with
which to get the nut off the strut tower.  Chris went somewhere back into
the shop and came out a minute later with an impact wrench and a big
socket.  I was willing to try anything (almost) and behold it worked.
Since then I've used an impact wrench to get the strut nuts off the front
and rear several times.  Lots easier than trying to manipulate two cheater
bars.  Make sure the car's on the ground.  Try soaking the nut with WD-40
or your favorite equavivent first.  If it works, you won't have to trash
the brand new strut insert.  Make sure it's a good impact wrench.  A
cheap one won't have enough torque/impact to break the nut loose.  Good

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> Ugh! Stripped one of the 7mm hexes on the top of one of the nice, new Quattro Sport struts in the Ur-Q when removing them for the KURQFH install. Any suggestions on salvaging this strut? Should I sacrifice it to the Audi Gods and just worry about gittin it out and plan to replace it? How to remove it? Drill out the top of the strut all the way through the )*#&$*@)#'n nut?
> ???
> SH_T!
> -glen