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Good Boot... Thanks!

Greetings, Audi Fans,

My thanks to those who responded to my CV boot question a week or so 
ago:  AUDIDUDI, Rob Andrews, and Joel Richardson (extra Thanks to Joel 
for lending his 12-pt socket bit and 32-mm axle-nut socket for the job!  
Let me know when you'd like them returned, Joel :)  Changed the driver's 
side outer boot on Saturday in about 4 to 5 hours, not rushing much and 
spending considerable time cleaning the old grease off the wheel and 
nearby components.  

Amazing thing is... the Haynes manual was actual _right_ about something
=) With a manual trans in at least an '84 - '88 5kS, there is no need to
take apart the sway bar, tie rod end... just remove the inner CV-flange
bolts and the axle-nut, crank the wheels completely left (when removing
the left-hand half-shaft, opposite when working on other side) and maneuver
the assembly out from under the car.  The Haynes specifies extra work to
remove the half-shaft on *automatics*.  I was *very* pleased to be able to
do the job so easily.  

Also nice:  Total cost = $13.07 + one Sat. morning.  Receipt from previous
owner showed $72.00 labor + $25.28 boot + tax for same job done June '94. 
The boot's German - Meistersatz... was surprised to get it that cheap,
'cause I believe I paid more for boots for the Fox. 

Thanks again for the assistance...

Karl K.

'86 5000 S  129k mi
'79 Fox  143k mi