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list nazis

things have changed a lot since the days when this list first started up.
back then discussions were more casual; nowadays if you cannot prove
what you say beyond a reasonable doubt to a panel of self appointed
ministers of truth,  you come under the wrath of the list nazis.

correcting a factual inaccuracy is one thing.  but subjecting everybody
(i've seen it done to many others) to intense scrutiny and cross
examination as if this is a criminal trial is just a needless power trip.
what does it accomplish?

since i see quite a number of owners from the seattle area posting here
i'm thinking of starting a smaller regional mailing list with the idea
that its focus would be to facilitate social gatherings, local track (and
rally) events and such.  a more social rather than a nuts and bolts group.
any interest?


On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Jeremy R King wrote:

> Here we go again.  Everybody gets hard, documented info this time or you
> don't comment.  Got that eliot?
> Jeremy R. King
> '86 VW Quantum GL5
> Auburn University, Alabama, USA
> On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Stephen Williams wrote:
> > 	Found an article from 1988 [EC I think] on the cars Audi prepped
> > through Jo Hoppen, et. al., that were driven by Stuck, Haywood and one
> > other [o.k. skimmed that part at 2:00 a.m.].  Interesting stuff about the
> > car [based on the 200tq]; the HP [claimed 510--which Bobby Unser said was
> > probably "low"]; and the build process.  One amazing thing:  Audi didn't
> > change the engine location --at all--.
> >
> > 	Sounds like the boost was way up there, but, anyone know what
> > else was done to the internals?  Much of the suspension was rally equip.
> > 6 speed tranny.  Very cool cars.
> >
> > Later,
> >
> > Bruce
> >