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5000CSQ Drilled Rotor Status

Hi All -

With the sincere hope that i won't get 'drilled' by the 'fact zealots', I
thought I'd relate a positive result with my 5000CSQ (IA Stage I) brakes.

I'd had a problem with the previous two sets of rotors warping - this was
*before* the IA stage 1 upgrade...So I invested in a set of cross drilled
rotors from Group 6 performance in Az. ( they are frequently in the back
of European Car). I also went with the Repco Metal Master Pads (ooh - that
might be *too* controversial there...). 

After a little over a year, I can report that my warping problems are gone!
And when I want to stop, I STOP NOW! Cost of front rotors and pads - approx

btw - I too am saddened by how hostile some of the list traffic has become.
It is almost to the point where it might as well be a newsgroup - the
reason I liked for a mailing list when I first saw the discussion of list vs.
newsgroup (when the list was maintained by the guy before Dan - geez - who was
that?) was that lists are less prone to flaming..doesn't seem so anymore...

(Dan has done a great job with list - My Thanks Dan - I've learned and saved a

Mark Aaldering
87 5000CSQ IA Stage 1