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First Autox test session ;-)

Hello everyone,

It has been a long winter for me... waiting for the season to start.  I 
have done a lot of work to the 86 OOOOwww-d over the winter.  Mainly 
replacing all of the suspension bushings and tie rods and links... my  
mechanics and I were laughing on the floor at the condiition of the 
!@#! coming off the car!  If anyone wants details, let me know 

Anyway, I headed out to the track on Sunday with high expectations.  I 
hit the track for the first run and the car did not feel anything like 
my Audi of old... it was much more stable with less roll.  It was like 
learning a whole new car.  I must admit that I did not drive too well.  
I spent a lot of time finding the new limits of the car, especially the 
brakes.  We went to a metalic pad that requires A LOT more pressure 
than I am used to.  Also, we found the rear calipers were hanging up 
last year.

I think the car had another 2 seconds left in it had I driiven the car 
to the limit.  I dropped my times throughout the day from the high 47s 
to the low 45s.  I think the car was capable of low 43s.  At any rate, 
II was still 5 seconds ahead of the 2nd place car in my class.  I beat 
all but 2 of the Camaro and Mustangs.  The car was very impressive.

The first real race of the season will be this weekend in Akron... 
Robert, I need directions!!

I did have a binding problem in the front of the car... please read the 
post "4kq front end binding" if you think you can help me.


Steve Verona
86 4kq
Going to the Nationals this year!!