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Re: AUDI SHOCK!!!! kinda

>The ability for quattro to have all four wheels broken loose before one 
>spins also helps braking in that all four must be locked before one locks
>On dry pavement, using the diff locks can have one advantage: the quattro 
>stops shorte. In fact we found that the four disc brakes could haul the 
>3115 pound car down from 60 mph in 151 feet with the diffs locked and 167 
>unlocked, from 80 in 263 feet locked and 278 unlocked. Locking them 
>forces each pair of wheels to share absolutely equally in the braking....

The only problem with that is, Cars with TORSENS will not benifit from 
that effect....  And the A4 Touring car has 3 torsens.........


Eric Fletcher