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Re: audis in movies

     Now that someone resurrected the subject, I saw a Warren Miller film 
     last weekend on a cable channel where a cop pulled over a driver for 
     speeding in Teluride and the shot inside the car showed a husky at the 
     wheel.  The wheel had the infamous four rings.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: audis in movies
Author:  Michael Williams <michwill@SHCP.EDU> at Internet
Date:    4/16/96 11:36 AM

I realize that this discussion ended a while ago, but while I was on 
vacation, I saw the Bond movie,  A View to a Kill.  In it, for a second is 
a very old Audi with two of the four rings still in the grill.  That is 
pretty damn obscure.