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Documentation: Re: List Nazis

First, Nazis is a bit strong.

Second, I second Eliot's comment about the "Back it up, or shut up" tone that
some people use at times.  If I waited until I KNEW something, 100%, no
exceptions, ifs-ands-or-buts, then I'd never post a message (which might be a
good thing!).  I am not aiming this at anyone, especially Jeremy, but his post
set Eliot (and apparently the buzzer-meister himself, Eric) off even though I've
read more aggressive "You're wrong!!!!" messages from others.

I see the need for a little self-restraint, there's no need to disseminate
gibberish; but if someone wants to write about something with only a foggy
recollection of the details and if it is (or may become) interesting or
educational, then more power to them.  

If the response to posts about products like "The Tornado"  (which, BTW,
produces a sh*tload more thrust than my 200tqw) were "It's crap, don't waste
your money"  rather than "It's supposed to increase turbulence in the intake
which improves combustion...but isn't very effective"  we wouldn't get very much
info out.

Feel free to criticize/critique, don't get defensive, keep the "mine's
bigger..." posts in private.

I'm definitely not "holier-than-thou" because I haven't made any large tithes to
the Audi gods lately, only a few small blood sacrifices - knuckles mostly.

Joe Yakubik
Off the soapbox