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All Kinds of Good Stuff

To all:

Several things:

1. Joe Yakubik wrote:

>If the response to posts about products like "The Tornado"  (which, BTW,
>produces a sh*tload more thrust than my 200tqw) were "It's crap, don't waste
>your money"  rather than "It's supposed to increase turbulence in the intake
>which improves combustion...but isn't very effective"  we wouldn't get
>very >much info out.

I was the guilty party in the "Tornado Post" and am going to buy one and
let you know what happens.  But Joe, do you mean this thing works?  It
sounds like you know about it.

2. Joe is right.  I have been guilty of starting some of these (Tornado,
Stereos, Traffic Tix, etc), but there is a little bit of bashing that is
unwarranted.  It's okay to some degree though, because it does seem to get
the truth out (maybe not in the way we would like).

3. I tried to track down those A!Avantgarde fu**ers today, but their shop
is gone from Orange County, and each new phone number begat a new one,
until finally the last was disconnected.  The new occupant of the building
thinks they moved to Hollywood and San Diego (split up), so I will keep
looking and will post results.  Anyone know any different about what used
to be "Topline Motorsports"?

4.  Why does my oil burn?  Why do my window switches blink? C'mon, somebody
has to know about this stuff!

5. Thanks for the posts on the S6 wagon/sedan availability.  I am currently
speaking with several dealers on purchasing one (if the price is right).

6. Finally, can anybody confirm the dates of the release of the new "turbo
quattro" models, and do you have specs?  This is important, because if I
can get a better car by waiting, I will.

Thanks kids.

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