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Re: A3 platform sharing

> I know that the new golf which is based on the upcoming A3 platform will be
> coming in late '97( it's in the new car & driver), but I HOPE AND PRAY the A3

Mmmm... I wouldn't say that. It should read "the A3 based on the new Golf 

> does not come to the US!!!  the US does not support an automaker with a
> luxury image (still trying for Audi) that also sells low end models.  I'm
> sure this is the reasoning the 80 was dropped from our shores, you don't see
> BMW selling there stripped down cars in US at all ( I beleive you can buy a
> very inexpensive 318ti that has no options).

80, 90 -- same difference.

Actually, I'd say BMW selling cheap-cheaps will not hurt their image at 
all -- because they ALREADY has an image to consumers. Audi, on the other 
hand, has been struggling all along. If you ask average Joe and Jane, 
they will probably be surprised that Audi still selling cars in U.S. It's 
that imageless problem that will hurt Audi most if VAG decides to go with 
this platform-sharing thing. Ditto for MB. They have "image," so do 
Volvo, Jag, Saab, etc. -- Audi does not.

> Lets keep American Audis Luxury sport sedans only, the A3 will only confuse
> the american market.

Not confuse, but downright dangerous! Can you imagine the depreciation 
rate for A8 in U.S. if Audi is seen as "upscale" VW?

> By the way, WHERE IS MY A4 COUPE!?!?!?! I need a car to dream about when my
> Coupe Q is hit by another old man in a high speed Cadillac like 2 of my
> previous coupe GTs...

Would you settle for that icky (my opinion) TTS thangs? Unless TTS flops, 
Audi will not probably build any A4-based coupes.

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