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Re: Reverse problems

	When my dad and I did the conversion to the 5spd, the automatic was 
in really bad shape.  I have a reworked computer by Ned Richey from 
Intended Acceleration which gave my car an additional 60+ horsepower and 
I don't know how much torque.  Anyway, the added horses ended up 
destroying the master cylinder in the trannie and was going to cost about 
$1000 to fix.  My dad and I love our Audi's and I first learned how to 
drive stick on my dad's '91 200 Q (awesome car by the way) and I have 
since always wanted a 5spd in my car.  The weakened master cylinder 
provided the perfect opportunity.  We found an old turbo 5spd from one of 
the mechanics that we use periodicly and he did the heavy work for us, 
meaning dropping the old trannie and putting in the new one.  Everything 
else my dad and I did ourselves.  The transmission cost about $500, the 
work by the mechanic was $200, and we decided to put in a new pressure 
plate and clutch pad which was another $200.  In the end it cost almost 
as much as it would have to fix the auto, but I wouldn't give up my 5spd 
for anything in the world.  It has totally changed the car and the 
performance I get from her.  Hope this answers you questions.

'86 5000CS Turbo
'91 200 Q