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RE:A3 platform sharing

You wrote:
"By the way, WHERE IS MY A4 COUPE!?!?!?! I need a car to
dream about when my Coupe Q is hit by another old man in a high
speed Cadillac like 2 of my previous coupe GTs..."

Yes, where is that coupe?  Audi always produced nice coupe but
now they got lost. And it's not the nice but very impractical TT
which is going to fill the gap.
Audi may release the A3 as its new coupe.  As I am a VW owner, I
really don't  mind, but I would prefer upgrading my GLX VR6 with
a dark blue CQ (dreaming already?).
BTW, it seems to be a virus at VAG, since both VW and Audi
don't have proper coupe.  The Corrado is not imported in the US
So, Audi and VW, what are you doing?