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Boge part #s

	Here are the Boge part numbers for rear Turbo Gas shocks as listed in my

100/200 Turbo Q 2/88-10/90     32-115-F  Sachs PN 170 141

5000S,Turbo,5000 wagon   
9/83-1/88                      32-859-F  Sachs PN105 77

5000 Quattro NA 10/84-5/88         881700 316

5000CS Quattro turbo
 incl wagon  86-
to ch#44-G-073-362             32-402-F     Sachs PN 100 601

5000CS Turbo Quattro
incl. wagon  -88
ch# 44-G-073-363                32-402-F    Sachs PN 100 601

These are for the rear only.  

So the 32-402-F should work for whoever was looking for these Boges unless the
ch# doesn't match up.

Why wouldn't they or the 32-115-F not work.  Is it a real physical "don't fit
the car" problem or just that Boge don't have what they think is a true correct
damper valving issue.

Hope this helps.