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RE: (was A3 platform sharing)

> Ha!
> I would put the crapuras (overpriced hondas) in the same class as the 
> overpriced toymotors & nee-datsuns  (pure marketing crap) - a couplah 
> notches below Audis, porches, bimmers & mercs.....is that to harsh? No, 
> didn't think so..... We're talking *automobiles* here on this list - not 
> transportation appliances!

Personally, I couldn't see how Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura are different 
from their regular counterparts. If I recall, these names are only used 
in U.S. market -- in other parts of the world, they have their own names 
like Celsior and Aristo for Lexus, and Honda just use Honda (Honda 
Legend, Honda NSX). Pure marketing gimmick. Come to think of it, if it 
works for Toymotors, Dat-son, and Honndas, why didn't it work with Audi- 

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