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Blower motor failure on V8

Well, I finally got the diagnosis on my quirky A/C system today, and it
turns out the blower motor is on the way out.  Sometimes it comes on,
sometimes it doesn't, and when it doesn't come on, the guys at the dealer
said they could just hit the motor and it would start working.  They told me
a new motor was $230, and they charge about 5 hours labor, bringing the
grand total to about $500 (is that a magic number in Audiland, or what?).

Needless to say, I told them to hold their horses right there.  I wanted to
get a little more info from you guys first before I did anything.  First,
has anyone else replaced one of these things on a V8 and what did you pay
for the new motor?  Also, is it really that hard of a job...I mean 5 hours
is a LONG time.

Another thing I was wondering was, what fails on these?  Can the brushes be
replaced separately, or is it more complicated than that?

BTW - For what it's worth, my dealer here in San Antonio (Rod East VW/Audi)
is wonderful.  After seeing all of these comments about bad service from
various dealers, I thought I would say something good for a change.  True,
Rod East is overpriced on most things, as are most Audi dealers, but they
are very honest with me.  Now I have taken 6 various VW/Audi vehicles there,
so I am on a little different level that most of their customers, but I am
still impressed with their service.  They do what they say, and the work is
completed when they say it will be, which I guess is about all you can hope
for.  Enough rambling...  ;)

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated...TIA!

 Chris King           ===================================================
 cking@txdirect.net    '94 Corrado SLC        (Sherry Red/Beige Leather)
 San Antonio, TX       '90 V8 Quattro           (Black/Platinum Leather)