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HELP!! & Parts needed!

*****Repost due to all the list confusion*******

I am looking for the following:

        Sometime ago someone told me where I could get the Mirror glass
for the right side mirror of a Coupe GT... This is the power heared
mirror blue tint.
        My friend is looking for Outer CV joints for his coupe. I
that they are bad as so does he. There is that clicking sound as you
turn.... now would both of them be bad if it clicks when turning both
ways.. both boots are bad.. Do not reaally want to replace boots if
joints are bad, would rather replace all at once? Also are they had to
yourself? Is it necessary to have a lift?
        I had a queation ahile back about power door loks... Well I
checked the pump it is working but it does not get power from the
doorlok... If I give it power it works... Is the door lock actuater bad?
I know that the wires on the actuator are the same as the pump except
for the ground... It is traditional brown inthe rear on the pump.. The
wire in question is the red with black stripe? What is it... How does
this system work? What is not getting power? The other wires when given
power will lock and unlock the passenger door? Someone with knowledge
        Well thanks for the help in advance.....
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