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Re: UFO brakes

	The UFO brakes in the '91 200 Q and the '91 V8 Q are a special 
type of brakes that are reversed caliper racing style.  Meaning that 
ordinary disc brakes look like plates to a certain degree that are put on 
your axels, right?  So, UFO brakes have the calipers face out towards the 
wheel instead of facing towards the axel.  The rotors wrap around the 
whole assembly making it look like the car has brake dust shields or 
something.  It's kinda hard to picture without actually looking at the 
brakes themselves.  I had to take one wheel off before I actually 
understood.  They are really good brakes that were developed in racing.  
The only draw backs are that the brakes were only produced during the '91 
model year on V8's and 200 Q's.  I am currently tiring to find a 
different place to by the parts than the dealer b/c they want about $800 
for the parts.  Ouch!  But, please don't let this effect your judgement 
of buying a '91 200 Q.  They are exceptional cars and I wouldn't ever 
dream of getting rid of mine(my dad's actually, but it is my college 
graduation present!).  Hope this helps.

Karl Oechsel
'86 5000CS Turbo
'91 200 Q

"Maintain the Integrity"