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Re: Lexus, et al

You guys are forgetting that the Lexus, Acura, Infiniti brand names were
created so that the parent companies could sell these high dollar cars here.
 Due to import limitations, the feds wouldn't let them sell over their quotas
unless they created seperate dealer networks with the franchises in their own
showrooms. They probably figured the j*ps would never make that
investment(!).  Anyway, Mazda was all set to join the foray too, but smartly
waited for the initial dust to clear. They are glad they did, as Acuras sales
are bombing, Infiniti is down, and Lexus soldiers on only because they've
managed to convince the public their cars are something special. 
Audi, of course, is completely different, having been their own thing since
the beginning of time as we know it. I think what hurts them is a) having the
VW logo stamped on every part of the car for all to see, and b) being sold
alongside VWs everywhere you shop. I liked it much more when they were sold
at a seperate dealership alongside Porsche here locally, but everything was
later combined under one roof. 
Biggest problem they face is definately the dealers. Do you think any of the
Asian brands would tolerate having dealers that treat folks the way most Audi
dealers do?  A good dealer network can overcome silly parts prices (seems to
work for Saab, for the most part).

Dwight V.
86 Cgt, 89 Jetta GLI 16v