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re: 30-70 UrQ DB

I have been pondering over the large gulf between some
of the cars on this list.  It seemed odd to me that some
guys can turn 8.0's and others struggle to turn 13.0's

It does occur to me that there is a measuring error occuring
due to wheel size.  I am running full size 205/60/15 dunlops.
If I were running 55 or 50 series tires, I would have a different
indicated road speed.  If the circumferance of the wheel is off
by 10%, the delta mv^2 for the test will be 20%.  That's the
difference between a 10.0 and an 8.0, or a 12.0 and a 10.0.
So please, if you are in the DB, send your tire size or better
yet, get a tape and measure your wheel circumferance.  Otherwise
this data is really rather misleading.  I hope to add in a 
correction factor to help normalize the data.  Note that this
also means that if the 3rd gear gearing is the same, a weight
correction would allow putting 5K/200's into the fray as well.

paul timmerman