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Re: OEM belt maker

>Bzzzztttt!(?)  Sorry, I don't think its Gates. I'm virtually positive the OE
>belts are made my Continental. We used to buy the Continental belts when I
>worked at the dealer to offer to folks in lieu of the overpriced VW/Audi
>belts that sure looked the same, minus the ink stampings.

They might have switched or something, but at one time, Gates made the belts
for VW/Audi and Mercedes.  I know that when my car was new, and had the
original belts, they had the VW/Audi logo and the trademark green stripe of
Gates' premium Green Stripe line of belts.  They are called Green Stripe
(and have a green stripe) on the box as well as 3 or 4 green stripes about 1
inch wide near the markings on the belt itself.  

Regardless, of whether they are OEM or not, those premium belts are good
quality anyway.

 - Mitch Loescher