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Re: Ur-Q M mount HW & subframe bushings?

Hi Glen,

>Having a *LOT* of fun trying to find all the pieces-parts for the KUQEFH =

I can relate...

>The Audi Quattro 82-87 fiche dated 1-91 shows two different bushngs for =
>the front subframe:
>item #2 857 199 415 B rubber mounting 2x  (front two)
>item #3 857 199 419 B rubber mounting 2x  (rear two)
>Anyone know fer sure if these suckers are really different? Just diff =
>stiffness of the rubber - same idea as m mounts that look identical but =
>have a R&L location?

I have a brand new set for my 83 ur-q in my parts box at home. I do
know that there are 2 of each type, don't know that part numbers
right now. I can check the numbers tonight and report back.

>Also, I cannot find the front balljoint-to-strut retaining bolts & nuts =
>anywhere - anyone know the correct FICHE PIC # for these suckers? These =
>bolts can/do corrode and break and it's a real bummer (I know - BTDT) =
>when this bolt snaps and falls out and the balljoint separates from the =
>strut at speed.....     :(

Don't know the Pic #. I do know they are on there as I ordered all new
hardware from Linda at Carlson when I did mine a few years ago. When at
the dealer yesterday, I know the coupe GT ones are on different pages, some
are on the strut diagram and some are on the subframe/control arm/balljoint

>Also, FICHE PIC #21 shows the motor mounts - but just the old 'sealed in =
>aluminum' type - the replacements I have are the new 'open' or 'exposed' =
>type - they look like big trans mounts - these new ones need a special =
>HW kit including 'stops' and a heat sheild for the turbo-side m mount - =
>anyone have any ideas on P/Ns and/or sources for the required conversion =
>HW kits for the new type m mounts?

Sorry, don't know the part numbers. I am using the AL based ones I got a few
years ago. Has a green dot on them. I do have all the spacers and heat

>Also, some of the items depicted in the FICHE PICS have item or 'FIG.' =
>numbers - but no part numbers are listed, like the WC turbo water supply =
>line that I need on FICHE PIC #20 - the part is there, item or FIG. #25 =
>- - but NO part number....what gives? You sposed to look elsewhere on the =
>fiche for these P/Ns?

I also see this. I think the diagrams are the same for the entire world, but 

only the applicable part numbers are listed for the country of interest.
I noticed this for the WC turbo stuff and how the aux turbo coolant pump
is installed on an ur-q. Great diagram but no part numbers. For the WC
turbo supply line, check the 5kTQ fiche.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder, CO