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RE: a few odds and ends... some electrons for thought

This may also come as a surprise to the people who authored the German
VW (corporate HQ) WWW page at http://www.vw.iplus.com. They seem to
think there's a Passat Syncro available.
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>From: 	Karl Edward Oechsel[SMTP:keo7755@tam2000.tamu.edu]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, April 17, 1996 11:51 PM
>To: 	Psycho Bob
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>Subject: 	Re: a few odds and ends... some electrons for thought
>The only thing that everyone must remember, as everyone undoubtedly
>on this list, is the fact that VW doesn't make any turbo models, nor
>it use the quattro similar system "Syncho" anymore.  I love Audi's just
>like all the other Audi-philes, but those two reasons, if you know what
>they are capable of, would never make me change to another car.  So,
>VW may have similar platforms as Audi, but until they bring back the 
>Syncho system to the U.S. and start playing around with turbos again in
>the U.S. too, VW is never going to see a penny from me.  Keep the
>Despite what VW does, everyone on this list knows what the best kind of
>car is.
>Karl Oechsel
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