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Re: Quattro Definition ?????

Everyone's kindof swayed from the subject here.  Is anyone going to 
answer the guy's ORIGINAL question?


On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Chris Tucker wrote:

> Alllright all you smart Quattro people, I'm looking for a awesome 
> Quattro definition that best describes the Audi Quattro system.  
> The def will be used as part of an attention getter on my Quattro www page. (I 
> hope there are no "not another Audi page")  Anyhow, .... my page will 
> focus on some Colorado Quattro stuff and (hopefully) will have some 
> unique and interesting info that will keep the surfing audience comming 
> back.
> The page is not up yet and I will let the list know when it is (only if 
> you point out my mistakes with a kind word).
> I will post the def that I decide to use.
> Thanks for your help,
> Chris Tucker
> ctucker@bishop.dcb.du.edu
> 90 80q