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Re: Importing Used or New European Quattros

Thanks for the reply.  This sounds too good to be true.  There used to be a
law that an individual could bring in 1 car per lifetime into the US as long
as it was over 5 yrs old.  Are you familiar with the procedures he went thru
to do this?  Thx.  glenn


At 02:40 PM 4/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> This may be a repeated msg, but I was omitted from the list and may not
>have > seen the responses so if you responded, please send them again.  >
>> Does anyone know what's required to bring in a new or used European
>model > car into the U.S. these days?  Thx.  > > glenn > 86 Coupe GT >
>(and salivating for a new Coupe Quattro)
>An acquaintance of mine (european) shipped his personal car to the states
>to drive while on an extended vacation (this is done frequently, I have
>seen many motorhomes w/ euro tags/mfg).  At the end of his trip, he sold
>the car (not a motorhome) and the purchaser tagged it (in Indiana).  My
>european acquaintance my have tagged it in Indiana first, then sold it. 
>I'm not sure.  
>The final result - Totally Euro Car licensed in US.
>Eric Schumacher
>Boy do the usual cateots apply here.  YMMV......A LOT!>