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     Hi again,
     I'm in the process of ordering the subframe bushings that we've all 
     discussed for the 4ksq and the ur-q. Eric has his homework done now on 
     the issue of different sizes for the front and rear bushings and the 
     delrin stock is going to the machinist this weekend.
     We've confirmed that the price is $40.00 each. 
     That's per bushing times a total of eight bushings if you want to do 
     both your front subframe and your rear subframe.
     Total price is $320.00. We would like to receive 50% in advance and 
     50% on delivery. 
     UPS charges have not been added at this time. But they shouldn't be 
     So far I have requests from the following people:
     Chris Semple
     John Karasaki
     Tim Reilley
     and one other person that I unfortunatly lost his email.
     I need to who in fact is going to purchase a set and when you would 
     like to do so.
     To those of you above, do you still want the Delrin subframe bushings, 
     and do you want a complete set or just one end.
     Let me know as soon as it's feasible,
     Todd Candey.