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RE:Strange sounds

Karl asked about a grinding (sorta) noise in his 91 200 q.  I had a similar
noise and a similar question a few months back.  Suggestions varied from "It's
normal" to "Your tranny's gonna explode".

  I think it is a combo of both.  It IS normal in the sense that sooner or later
all (speculating here) the 200 q's will make this noise AND if left untreated
will do bad things to your car.  The noise (in my car at least) was caused by
slack/movement of the motor and tranny caused by the motor mounts and the rubber
tranny supports going south.  There is also a very minor leak in the diff seal,
so it was a little (1/2 l) low on oil.  I'm making a cause/effect leap of logic
here:  I replaced the motor mounts and the noise is very much diminished, but
not totally gone (it is a mechanical device, it will make noise).  The counter
to this fact is the Audi mechanic who said there MIGHT be something wrong with
the car and it WOULD be expensive to fix.

Recommendations:  Check your tranny oil, check the motor/tranny mounts.

Joe Yakubik