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More UFO brakes

Karl had some nice things to say about the UFO's.  Stick around for awhile.

As a pure new(?) part the discs cost 930 DM in Germany.  Tack an "X" onto that
part number and turn in your old discs and the price drops to 530 DM.  Don't
know about this in the US, it's worth a try though.  Pads are still WAAAAY to
expensive.  I talked to Ned in the search for a cheaper source (Yes, sometimes
things are cheaper in the US, including phone calls and postage)  He referred me
to MTM in Ingolstadt who said the brakes are crap and said it costs 4000 DM to
swap them with the V8 brakes.  No news there.  The surprise was actually with
the pads.  The recommended pads are actually the dealer pads; at about $180/set.

Joe Yakubik